Airtel Internet Offer 2020: All Pack Activation Code

Airtel Internet Offer

Airtel has a lot of users who are looking for exciting Internet offer. To make them satisfy, the authority provides amazing Airtel internet offer 2020. Recently, Airtel comes up with cheap Internet pack that you will love. To know more about it, continue with us until the end of the article.

Airtel Internet pack 2020

I know that you are looking for internet offers. Here you will get internet package list as well. All of the offer is applicable for prepaid users. Don’t worry about our information. All of the offers are adapted from the official source. So there is no need to be confused. Carry on and jump into the attacks. Here is the comprehensive list for you.

1.5 GB, 50 SMS & Minutes at 98 BDT

This offer is combined with minutes and SMS. Users can enjoy 1.5 GB, 50 minutes and 50 SMS by only 98 TK. It has a validity of 7 days. To active this combo, users have to dial *123*098# or recharge exact 98 TK on your account. For checking balance, please dial *3# for internet, *778*6# for SMS and *778*0# for minutes. All of the prepaid users can enjoy it

500 MB, 30 SMS & 40 minutes at 34 Tk

It’s a recharge offer for the Airtel users. On this offer, Airtel includes 500 MB, 40 minutes, and 30 SMS only for 34 BDT. Minutes and SMS can be used for any local operator. To activate this offer, you have to recharge exact 34 BDT. There is no activation code for this bundle. Balance can be checked easily by dialing *3#, *778*6#, and *778*0# for internet, SMS and minutes respectively. The validity of for this is 3 days.

100 MB, 28 minutes at 21 Tk

This is the lowest combination offer of minute and Internet. Users will be able to get 100 MB along with 28 minutes by 21 BDT only. The validity of the minutes is one day and three days for internet. To activate this offer, please dial *121*0021#. For checking minutes balance, dial *778*0# and *3# for the internet. There is no limitation for this offer. This offer will not active by recharging.

1 GB social, 250 Minutes & SMS at 149 TK

This offer is for social pack users. They can enjoy 1 GB social pack, 250 SMS, and 250 minutes by 149 BDT. To start this offer, users have to dial *123*149# or recharge exactly 149 BDT. It includes an excellent validity of 30 days. You have to dial *778*0# for minutes and SMS, and *3# for the social. Users can also make video call through IMO, WhatsApp and Messenger.

3 GB, 150 minutes & SMS at 198 BDT

If you want to enjoy everything on one pack, you can continue with this one. It gives you 3 GB internet, 150 minutes and 150 SMS only for 198 TK. It has a enough validity of 30 days. To enjoy this combo, you have todial *123*198# or recharge exactly 198 TK on your account. Users can easily check balance by dialing *778*0# (Min & SMS) the *3# (Internet).

2 GB & 655 Minutes at 378 BDT

It’s a monthly offer for the combo users. On this offer, Airtel brought to you 2 GB internet and 655 minutes only for 378 BDT. This offer provides validity for 30 days. All of the prepaid users can enjoy it for monthly situation. To enjoy it, please dial *123*378# or recharge exact 378 BDT right now. Users have to dial *778*0# and *8444*88# for the minutes and Internet check.

3 GB & 865 Minutes at 499 BDT

This is a long validation offer brought to you by Airtel. It includes 3 GB along with 865 Minutes by 499 TK only. To enjoy this offer, you have to recharge 499 TK exactly or dial *123*499#. This offer has a validity of 45 days. To check out the minutes balance, users need to dial *778*0#. Internet balance can be checked by dialling *8444*88#. If you are thinking a long time situation, it can be perfect one for you.

1.5 GB at 89 BDT 7 Days

This is an weekly Internet offer by Airtel. All of the users can enjoy this offer. The offer includes, 1.5 GB internet by 89 TK. Internet can be used at any network. It has a validity for 7 days. To enjoy this offer, dial *123*089# or recharge exact 89 TK. For checking Internet balance, users have to dial *3#.

1.5 GB & 50 Minutes at 98 BDT

Here is weekly Internet pack combined with 50 minutes. Airtel has brought 1.5 GB internet and 50 minutes by only 98 BDT. Both can be used for 7 days. Minutes is usable for any operator in Bangladesh. If you want to continue with this offer, please dial *123*098# of recharge exact 98 TK. After recharging offer will be started instantly. Users can check out Internet balance by dialing *3# and minute by *778*0#.

2 GB at 229 BDT 30 days

This is the monthly offer for the Airtel prepaid and postpaid users. This offer will give you 2 GB internet at 229 BDT. You can use it until the validation date is ended. Internet can be enjoyed for any network. To enjoy this offer, you need to recharge exact 229 TK or dial *123*229#. To check out the balance info, please dial *3# right now.

1 GB PUBG internet at 33 BDT

PUBG is the most popular game right now. To think about those players, Airtel comes up 1 GB internet for PUBG only for 33 TK. The offer gives you an excellent validity of 30 days. If you are ready to start, please dial *123*033#. This offer will not be activated after recharging. To check out the remaining balance, you have to dial *3#.

5 GB at 159 BDT for 10 days

If you want to browse more, this is the perfect offer for you. On this offer, Airtel provides 5 GB internal pack only for 159 TK. Another interesting thing is that it includes a validity for 10 days. What are you thinking? If you want to avail this offer, please recharge exact 159 BDT or dial *123*159#. Offer balance can be checked by dialling “3#.

1 GB 4G 22 BDT

To welcome you on this 4G world, Airtel has came with an awesome Internet offer. On this offer, the authority will gives you 1 GB internal for 4G network by 22 TK only. The offer contains validity of 3 days. All of the Airtel users can enjoy this offer as many as they want. To enjoy this, must have to dial *123*022# because it doesn’t allow recharge. Checking balance is *3# same as others network offer.

5 GB at 129 BDT Weekly Offer

If you are looking for an weekly Internet offer, it will make you satisfied. On this offer, Airtel gives to the valuable users 5 GB internet by 129 TK. It has a enough validity of 7 days. I think it’s not a bad offer. If you want to start this campaign, dial *123*129# or recharge exact 129 BDT. Offer balance can be checked by dialling *3#. The offer will be renewed if users will have more than 129 BDT. Internet balance can be applicable for all networks.

30 GB at 998 BDT Monthly Pack

Airtel has brought to you a monthly Internet package. On this offer, users will be enjoyed 30 GB for 998 BDT only. The offer includes a validity of 30 days. If you want to start this plan, please dial *123*998# or recharge 998 TK. The internet data can be used for 2G, 3G and 4G networks as well.

2 GB at 44 BDT

This is another exiting offer for the users. On this offer, customer will receive 2 GB Internet balance by 44 TK only. The validity of the offer is 3 days. If you like to have it, recharge exact 44 BDT or dial *123*044#. This offer will be applicable for all of the internet users in Bangladesh. *3# is the balance checking code for this offer.

500 MB at 29 BDT

This offer is available for all of the Airtel customer, including prepaid and postpaid. On this offer, Airtel gives to the users 500 MB Internet only for 29 BDT. The validation time of this offer is 72 hours. If you want to take this offer, don’t late! Please dial or dial *123*025# or recharge your account. Balance checking system is like others; just dial #3# for instant results.

7 GB at 498 TK 30 days

This is an expensive offer provided by Airtel Bangladesh. On this offer, users can enjoy 7 GB Internet for 30 days. It will cost 498 BDT. Internet balance can be used for any network. To enjoy this offer, users have to dial *123*498# or recharge exact 498 BDT on the account. Please dial *3# to check out the remaining balance.

3 GB 104 BDT 7 days

This is another auto renewal Internet offer of Airtel. On this offer, users will be able to take 3 GB only for 104 BDT. This offer includes a validity for 7 days. If you want to continue with it, please recharge exact 104 TK or dial *123*104#. You can take an action which you want. Internet pack easily can be seen by dialling *3#.

1GB, 100 Minutes & SMS at 148 BDT

This is a combo offer powered by Airtel. On this offer, users will be able to enjoy 1 GB Internet, 100 minutes talktime and 100 messaging at any local operator only for 148 BDT. It offers a validity of 30 days. If anyone wants to get it, he has to recharge exact 148 BDT. Before buying, make sure that it’s not available for postpaid use users. To check out the internet balance, users have to dial *3# and minutes or SMS can be checked by dialling *778*0#.

Airtel Internet Offer at a glance

OfferPriceActivation CodeBalance CheckValidity
1.5 GB (50 minutes & SMS98 TK*123*098#*778*0# for minutes, *778*6# for SMS, *3# for internet7 days
500 MB, 30 SMS & 40 minutes34 TKRecharge 34 BDT3 days
100 MB & 28 minutes21 TK*121*0021#1 day for minutes, 3 days for MB
1 GB social, 250 Minutes & SMS149 TK*123*149#*778*0# for minutes and SMS, *3# for internet30 days
3 GB, 150 minutes & SMS198 TK*123*198#30 days
3 GB, 150 minutes & SMS198 TK*123*198#30 days
2 GB & 655 Minutes378 TK*123*378#*8444*88# for MB & *778*0# for Mins30 days
3 GB & 865 Minutes499 TK*123*499#45 days
1.5 GB89 TK*123*089#*3#7 days
1.5 GB & 50 Minutes98 TK*123*098#*3# for Internet & *778*0# for minutes7 days
2 GB Internet229 TK*123*229#*3#30 days
1 GB PUBG33 TK*123*033#30 days
5 GB internet159 TK*123*159#10 days
1 GB 4G22 TK*123*022#3 days
5 GB Internet129 TK*123*129#7 days
30 GB Internet998 TK*123*998#30 days
2 GB Internet44 Taka*123*044#3 days
500 MB29 Taka*123*025#72 hours
7 GB internet498 TK*123*498#30 days
3 GB internet104 TK*123*104#7 days
1 GB, 100 minutes & SMS148 TKRecharge 148 BDTFor minutes *778*0# and *3# for internet30 days

It was the full article about Airtel Internet Offer 2020. Hopefully you have understood all of the pack price and validity. If you want to know more, feel free to comment below. We will be added some information regarding to the query. To spread the offer to your friends and family, share this offer right now. Visit our website regularly for more. We always try to give you exact information.

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