Airtel Minute Offer 2021: All Pack Activation Code

Airtel Minute Offer

Airtel minute offer 2021 is available for the customer on here. If you want to buy an excellent minutes pack with low price, Airtel is the perfect for you. They always try to give highest offer for the users. Another interesting thing is that all of the minute pack can be used for any operator of Bangladesh.

If you are looking for minutes offers in Airtel Bangladesh, this article will be helpful for you. Here we have included all of the updated information. All of the information is collected from Airtel Bangladesh official website. So there is no possibility of fake info. Have a look at the offer list.

10 Minutes (10 SMS) at 6.09 BDT

This is called as self care bundle offer. If you want to talk with anyone for a short time, this offer can be useful to you. Users can enjoy 10 minutes and 10 SMS by only 6.9 BDT. The validity of this offer is 12 hours. To activate this offer, please dial dial *121*301#. Balance can be checked by dialling *778*0#.

19 Minutes (19 SMS) at 10.96 BDT

If you want to buy a minute pack along with SMS, you can go with this offer. It’s available for all customers. You can enjoy this offer by dialling *121*302#. The validity of the offer is 24 hours. Users will be charged BDT 10.96 for this bundle. Users can enjoy as much as they want. To check the balance, you have to dial *778*0#.

28 Minutes (Bonus 100 MB) at 21 Tk

Airtel users can enjoy 28 minutes and 100 MB by 21 BDT only. If you want to buy a combination offer which includes MB and minutes with a low price, it can be useful for you. The validity of the minute is 1 day and MB is 3 days. To activate this offer, please dial *121*0021# or recharge exact 21 BDT.

30 Minutes at 18 BDT

If you are looking for low price offer, you can take it right now. Users can enjoy 30 minutes at 18 BDT. To enjoy the offer, dial *121*18# or recharge 18 BDT. The validity of this minutes offer is 24 hours. This offer is a perfect one for daily users.

38 Minutes at 23 BDT

You may think that it’s not a very good offer, but you will get 2 days validity by 23 BDT. If your balance is less than 25 BDT and want minutes for 2 days, you can take action with this offer. To activate this, you need to dial *123*23# or recharge 23 BDT exactly.

46 Minutes at 28 BDT

If you want to buy a low price minutes pack with two or three days validity. This offer for you. It gives 46 minutes for 28 BDT. To parchase this pack you have to recharge exact 28 BDT or dial *121*18#. It has a validity of three days with the activation date. To check minutes Dial *778*0#.

77 Minutes at 46 BDT 7 Days

This is an weekly minute pack. Users can enjoy it by recharging the exact 46 taka or dialing *123*46# USSD code. After dialing, 77 Minutes will be added to balance. The validity of this offer is 7 days. If anyone wants to added more minutes with current balance, he has to buy exact offer within 8 days.

92 Minutes at 53 BDT

It’s the best weekly minute offer around 50 BDT. If you are looking for weekly offer, you can continue with this. All of the users can enjoy it. To activate this offer, users have to dial *121*53# or recharge exact 53 BDT. It has a validity of 7 days.

125 Minutes at 74 BDT

It’s an weekly minute offer for Airtel users. Users will be able to enjoy 126 minutes by 74 BDT. If you want to start this offer, you have to dial *121*074#. It’s not a recharge offer; so you must have to dial. The validity of this 74 TK offer is 7 days only. Fo checking minutes balance, the code number is *778*0#.

160 Minutes (400 MB Bonus) at 93 BDT

This is another weekly offer for the Airtel users. It offers 160 minutes and 400 MB by 93 BDT. It’s a multi offer; you can enjoy minutes and MB. The validity of this exciting offer is 7 days. You can enjoy it by dialling *121*93# or recharging exactly 93 TK.

205 Minutes at 118 BDT

If you want to buy only minutes, you can choose this awesome opportunity. It’s the most used minutes offer by customers. It gives 206 minutes at only 118 BDT. The validity of this offer is 10 days. To start this, you have to dial *121*0118# or recharge exact 118 BDT.

250 Minutes + 250 SMS + 1 GB Social at 149 BDT

It’s a combination offer for social internet, minutes and SMS as well. Now everything is in one pack. You can enjoy 250 minutes, 250 messaging for any operator, and 1 GB internal. Internet data can be used for Facebook Messenger, IMO, WhatsApp and Viber messanger. To enjoy this offer, you have to dial *123*149# or recharge exactly 149 BDT. The validity of this offer is 30 days. To check MB Dial *3# and dial *778*0# for minutes.

395 Minutes + 800 SMS and 500 MB 4G at 228 BDT

This another combo offer for the Airtel users. It’s a monthly offer. You can enjoy 395 minutes, 500 MB (4G only) and 800 SMS by 228 BDT only. To activate this combo, users have recharge exact 228 BDT. There is no activation code for this. Please dial *8444*88# to check out data balance. Minutes can be checked by dialling *778*0#.

335 Minutes at 193 BDT (200 SMS Bonus)

Here is another offer that you can enjoy. It gives minutes with SMS. If you are looking for an offer with messaging, you can take it without thinking anything. You will get 335 Minutes and 335 Minutes by 193 BDT. To enjoy this facility, dial *123*193# or recharge exact 193 BDT. It has a validity of 30 days. It’s a monthly minutes offer.

480 (1 GB Bonus) Minutes at 278 BDT

It’s another monthly pack that offers 480 Minutes with 1 GB internet. All of the users can enjoy it by 278 BDT. To enjoy this opportunity, you have to recharge exact 278 BDT. If you have already more than 278 BDT in balance. Please dial *123*278# to enjoy this combo. The offer has a validity of 30 days.

605 Minutes + 500 SMS + 1 GB internet at 349 BDT

Airtel has brought a new combo offer for the users. Now users are able to get 605 minutes, 1 GB internet data and 500 message for any operator by only 349 BDT. The validity of the offer is 30 days. To activate this combo, you need to dial *123*349# or recharge exactly 349 BDT. To data balance check dial *8444*88#, and *778*6666# for SMS and data.

655 Minutes at 378 BDT (2GB Bonus)

It’s also a multi offer by Airtel Bangladesh. Users can enjoy 655 minutes and 2 GB internet. If you need both, then you can check out this offer. To enjoy this, you need to dial *123*378# or recharge exact 378 BDT. The validity of this exciting package is 30 days. Are you ready? Get it right now.

865 Minutes (3GB Bonus) at 499 BDT

This is another offer that you can enjoy with Airtel. Users will get 865 minutes and 3 GB internet data by 499 BDT only. If you are a heavy talker, this is perfect one for you. To take this offer right now, please dial *123*499# or recharge exact 499 BDT. It has an excellent validity of 45 days.

1000 Minutes (800 SMS and 2 GB internet) at 574 BDT

If you are looking for a combo offer along with Internet and SMS, you can continue with this excellent one. It gives users 100 minutes, 800 SMS and 2 GB internet by 574 BDT. If you are ready to continue, please dial *123*574# or recharge exact 574 BDT. The offer has a long time validity of 30 days. Hurry up! To check data balance dial *8444*88#, MB and SMS checking code is *778*6666#.

How can I get Airtel minute pack?

Getting Airtel minute pack is easy process. All you need to choose the best one for you and avail it by dialling USSD Code or recharge.

What is best offer for Airtel?

According to your demand the value of the offer will calculated. If you want to activate for a week, I think 53 TK 92 minute offer will be best.

List Of Airtel Minute Offer 2021

OfferRechargeDial CodeValidity
30 Minutes18 BDT*121*18#24 hours
38 Minutes23 BDT*123*23#2 days
46 minutes28 BDT*121*28#3 Days
92 Minutes53 BDT*121*53#7 days
160 Minutes (400 MB Bonus)93 BDT*121*93#7 days
205 Minutes118 BDT*121*0118#10 days
335 Minutes (200 SMS)193 BDT*123*193#30 days
480 Minutes (1 GB)278 BDT*123*278#30 days
655 Minutes (2GB)378 BDT*123*378#30 days
865 Minutes (3GB)499 BDT*123*499#45 days
1000 Minutes (800 SMS & 2 GB)574 BDT*123*574#30 days

Artel 48 Paisa Minute Offer

It’s another low cost talking system that Airtel provides to the users. All of the Airtel users can enjoy 48 Paisa for any local operator. No need to dial anything to start this exciting offer. It will be active by recharging. The validity of this offer depends on how much you are going to recharge. Here are the details on the table below.

Recharge BDTValidity
243 days
427 days
9430 days
13360 days

Airtel Minute Offer Balance Check

After buying a pack, you have to check out the balance. If you don’t know about it, no need to be worried. Her I have added the minutes checking process for Airtel users.

  • To check minutes balance dial *778*0#
  • To check data balance dial *8444*88#


It was the full article about Airtel minute offer 2021. Hopefully, you have got desired one. All of the offers are taken from the Facebook page and Official website of Airtel Bangladesh. Only eligible users can enjoy those offers. If you want more comprehensive list, feel free to let us know.

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