Airtel Special Call Rate Offer 2021

Airtel Special Call Rate Offer

Whenever you think of talking more at a lower cost, Airtel comes first because the company always tries to offer the highest offers to its users. If you are an Airtel user, you can reduce your costs and enjoy professional call rates using the right amount of money.

As an Airtel user, if you are waiting for such an informative, I would say end our article. Here we have tried our best to include all the special call rates of Airtel. Hopefully, you will benefit from this and be able to choose the right recharge plan for you.

1 p/sec Call Rate offer

Airtel has launched a call rate offer of one paisa per second to provide maximum service to its users. You can avail of this offer by recharging a specific amount if you wish. Below I have mentioned the amount with each step and duration of it. Then see which one is beneficial for you now.

16 TK Recharge

You can choose this option if you want to launch a special call rate for very little money. Here you can enjoy 01 paisa second call rate with just 16 taka recharge. Which has a term of three days. You can use the recharged money with any operator.

26 TK

Airtel has included another special call rate for their users. This option is better if you want to make another long term purchase.  Here you will get a maximum validity of five days which will be activated by recharging 26 takas. The money can be used anytime within 24 hours.

39 TK

If anyone wants to turn on the special call rate for one week then this option is only for them. Here, by recharging Rs 39, the call rate will be one paisa per second and it will be valid for seven days. This is known as the best call rate offer for weekly users. If you want, you can also try it from today.

84 TK

If you want to launch a monthly call rate offer, you need to recharge Rs. As soon as you recharge, the special call rate will be activated and the money will be biblical in your balance which can be used to talk to any operator later. The offer is open to any Airtel user.

99 TK

If we are accustomed to listening to the minute pack with 99 rupees but you can keep it in your balance and use it properly. Here you have the opportunity to enjoy 60 days valid call rate. Recharge Rs 99 now to avail of the offer and enjoy a special call rate for two months.

48 p / min Call Rate offer

Airtel has launched another affordable call rate offer for its users. Here you can make the 1-minute call with 48 paise to any number again. To avail of this offer, select one of the following sections and recharge.

24 TK

The offer of 48 paise per second can be launched for a period of three days by recharging 24 takas. And the offer can be used on any Bangladeshi operator. Recharge a certain amount to activate this offer.  There is no need to dial.

42 TK

Airtel did not include an offer of 48 paise per minute for a period of seven days. So you can launch the offer for 15 days by recharging Tk 42 if you want. You don’t have to do anything here, you can enjoy it only after recharging. If you want, you can extend its validity by recharging the same amount later.

94 TK

If you are looking for an offer for 100 rupees then this option is just for you. Here you can recharge 94 takas and enjoy 48 paisa per second offer which will be valid for one month. This amount is very attractive for monthly users.

133 TK

This is an offer of the maximum amount which will allow you to make 48 paisa per second call. Here you can enjoy a special call rate for two months by recharging Rs. The money can be used by any operator. So recharge now and enjoy this best offer.

This was the latest information about the special call rate of Airtel SIM. Hope you have benefited from the office provided by us and enjoy other posts on our website.

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