Airtel Welcome Tune On/Off Code 2021

Airtel Welcome Tune

Welcome tune is one of the most popular service provided by Airtel Bangladesh. If you are a user of the telecom company you may want to enjoy the service as well.

You will find a huge variety of songs from Airtel welcome tune service. In this article, I am going to provide you the most important information about Airtel caller tune service.

Airtel Caller Tune Activation Process

You can take the service via 3 different processes, such as- IVR, Text, and USSD. Note that, the texting, USSD are the fastest, and easiest methods.

That’s why we will give steps for adding a Caller Tune through text messaging, and USSD code only.

Through USSD Code

  • Open the keypad on your cellphone
  • Dial *678#
  • Follow the next instruction they provide after dialing the code.

Through SMS

With the SMS method you can Start the service. Also, you can request for a specific song. You will understand it better when you go over the following steps.

  • To start the service with random song, type CT<space>START and send it to 23123
  • If your have a code for song, type- CT<space> Song Code and send it to 23123

How to Stop Airtel Welcome Tune

Find the details for deactivating the welcome tune service via SMS and USSD code bellow.

Through USSD

  • Dial *22788*900#
  • And, follow the next steps they show.

Through SMS

  • Go to the text option.
  • Type CT<space> STOP and send it to 23123.

Service Subscription Charge

Customers need to pay to the authority for this service. one section will you will get the exact amount that you need to continue with the service. You can also be activated for the days and stop when you want.

30 Days30 BDT
25 Days25 BDT
20 Days20 BDT
15 Days15 BDT
10 Days10 BDT
5 Days5 BDT
1 Day1 BDT

Most Popular Songs of Airtel Caller Tune

There are a lot of song which Airtel provides as caller tune. Among of them those are the most use it songs by their users. If you also want to take a song from the list, please collect the code number and continue with the process as I mentioned above.

Song TitlePromo Code
Kotodin Dekhini Tomay5806126
Ami Shudhu Je Tomar7552009
Amar Poran Tui7970949
Jodi Tumi Jante8047449
Keno Dishehara7984869
Ekta Gopon Kotha7975632
Agey Ki Sundor Din Kataitam6687490
Emon Ekta Tumi Chai7534589
Eto Dukkho7803689
Ami Parbo Na Tomar Hote Solo7931330
Milon Hobe Koto Dine6581037
Bhalobasai Holo Na Tumi Amar4808232
Bole felo Bhalobashi2983972
Bhalo Achi Bhalo Theko5450527
Moner Vitore Moner Bahire5239896
Ami Jare Valobashi7804289
Ei Jibone Jare8085029

Terms & conditions

  • 15% VAT including SD, 15% extra SD, 1% extra fixed cost will be applicable.
  • You will give the charges every time you renew the service
  • First activation charge and renews chare will be the same
  • No cost for SMS and IVR method
  • All procedures and conditions are from BTRC guidelines.

This is all about your Airtel caller tune with the details information of activation and deactivation. Hopefully you will be able to enjoy the exact song that you want and also can deactivate anytime.

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