Banglalink IMO Pack 2021 (FB, YouTube WhatsApp all Social Offer)

Banglalink IMO Pack

Bangladesh is the largest telecom company in Bangladesh especially when it comes to daily offers. The authority of BL announced new Banglalink IMO Pack 2021. All of the users can enjoy this offer by dialling USSD code. In this article I’m going to share with you, the best IMO streaming package for Banglalink. Let’s continue until the end of the article.

Banglalink All IMO Pack

When you want to make a video call with favorite one, IMO is the first choice. That’s why the user of the application is increasing day after day. Most of the people use IMO to hang out closest friends. To give them highest experience Banglalink whatsapp offers IMO data. Here you will get everything about this query.

250 MB IMO 10 TK

This is a dedicated IMO pack for the Banglalink users. On this offer users will be able to enjoy 250 MB Internet only for 10 TK. It provides a validity of 7 Days. If you want to buy this pack, please dial *5000*725#. Balance can be checked by dialling *5000*500#. All of the Banglalink users, including prepaid and postpaid can avail this offer.

Best Pack to Use IMO

Banglalink has only one package for IMO. If you don’t like that pack then you can run IMO using other offer pack. In the section below I have described in detail some of the best packs from Banglalink that you can use. These packs are cheaper than other and the amount of data is more so they have been selected on my list.

75 MB 13 TK

This is the lowest Internet pack for the Banglalink users, it also can be helpful for IMO chatting. In this offer, users will get 75 MB Internet only for 13 TK. It has a validity of 4 days. You can avail this offer by dialling *5000*543# or recharging 13 BDT. To check out remaining balance, please dial *5000*500#. This offer will not be renewed automatically.

2.5 GB 58 TK

This is another offer you can enjoy with Banglalink operator. On this offer, you will receive 2.50 GB Internet costing 58 TK. The validity days of this pack is four. To enjoy this offer, please dial *5000*58# or recharge exact 58 from flexiload. To know remaining balance, you have to dial *5000*500#. I think this would be best offer if you want a pack for less than a week

6 GB 129 TK

It’s the best weekly pack brought to you by Banglalink digital. The offer is for limited time. So enjoy this before expiration. Here you will get 6 GB internet only for BDT 129 with the validity of 7 days. Users have to dial *5000*577# or recharge exact amount to activate 6GB internet pack. Dial *5000*566# and reply with 1 to turn on auto-renewal.

14 GB 169 TK

Here is the best weekly pack brought to you by BL. This offer is also be the best one for IMO as well. In this offer, customers will get 14 GB Internet only for 169 BDT. You can use it within 7 days. To enjoy this exciting offer, please dial *5000*169# or recharge 169 on your amount.

12 GB 399 TK

This is monthly offer for the Banglalink users. This offer is applicable for all application. On this offer, you will get 12 GB internet connection for 399 BDT with the excellent validity of 30 days. To active this offer, please dial *5000*599# or recharge your account. To check remaining pack balance, dial *5000*500#

Banglalink Social Pack 2021

Banglalink has launched a social pack to give its users adequate benefits so that customers can easily access Facebook and Twitter. Below are details about some of the best Facebook packs. You can use whatever you like. Note that: these packs are only applicable for Facebook and Twitter.

Banglalink Facebook & YouTube pack 2021

Facebook is the largest social media in the world. We spend most of the time on Facebook. In this case, using regular MB costs a lot of money. So you can use Banglalink’s Facebook packs to reduce your costs. Below are the prices and dial codes of a few Facebook packs.

20 MB FB 1 TK

This is the lowest social pack which can be used for Facebook and Twitter. On this offer, you can avail 20 MB Internet at 1 TK for 2 days validity. To continue with the pack, you have to dial *5000*414#. Balance can be checked by dialling *5000*500#.

100 MB FB 7 TK

This is weekly social pack brought to you by Banglalink. This offer provides 100 MB internet for social media platforms. It has a validity of 7 days. To enjoy this offer, please dial *5000*576# right now and dial *5000*500# to check out remaining balance.

1 GB YouTube 19 TK

This is the only YouTube pack by Banglalink to it’s users. On this offer, you will get 1 GB pack for youtubing only for 19 BDT with the validity of 4 days. To active this, users need to dial *5000*345#. The balance checking code is *5000*500#.

Banglalink whatsapp Pack 2021

Along with IMO, we also use WhatsApp a lot. Banglalink’s Internet pack is very useful for us which can reduce the recharge cost. But unfortunately Banglalink has not launched any WhatsApp pack yet. We always try to provide updated information. So if any WhatsApp package is ever launched, we will update you immediately.

BL IMO, Social Pack List

OfferPriceActivation CodeValidityCheck Balance
250 MB IMO10 TK*5000*725#7 Days*5000*500#
75 MB13 TK*5000*543#4 Days*5000*500#
2.5 GB58 TK*5000*58#4 Days*5000*500#
6 GB129 TK*5000*577#7 Days*5000*500#
16 GB169 TK*5000*169#7 Days*5000*500#
12 GB399 TK*5000*599#30 Days*5000*500#
20 MB FB01 TK*5000*414#2 Days*5000*500#
100 MB FB07 TK*5000*576#7 Days*5000*500#
1 GB YouTube19 TK*5000*345#4 Days*5000*500#

This is all about Banglalink IMO Pack 2021 and other social offers. Hopefully, now you have got the perfect pack to continue. All of the data is collected from the official source. So there is no possibility of wrong information.

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