Banglalink SIM Replacement Offer & Details 2021

Banglalink SIM Replacement

Lost your phone or maybe only the SIM? Worry not! We have the essentials details about retrieving your number. 

But, we are replacing SIMs for one more reason too. 4G connection is here. Almost all the mobile operators are providing 4G network. Hence, the excellent service of Banglalink is no different.

Here, you will find details on how to replace a lost SIM. Also, how can you replace the older SIM and get one with a 4G connection? We will also be giving away details about the offer they have for you when you replace the SIM.

SIM Replacement Offer

Most of the operators ask for money when you want to replace the sim. Let us blow your mind- SIM replacement is free in Banglalink.

Now, you might be wondering about, is it free for both lost SIM and new SIM case? Let us blow your mind once again- the offer is for both cases.

While replacing the same, you will get an offer for recharging a specific amount and get a sizeable mobile data.

How To Learn About The Offers

There are two ways you can know what offers they have for you. Have a look at the ways below.

Banglalink SIM Replacement

The replacement procedure is also the same for both the lost SIM or a new SIM. Let’s see how you can replace your Banglalink SIM.

Via USSD Code

  • Open the keypad of your phone.
  • Type *5000*40# and dial it.
  • Next, you will find out the offer they have for you.

Via Text Messages

  • Go to the Messaging of your phone.
  • Type ‘’free4G’’
  • Send it to 2500
  • Next, you will receive an SMS containing offers.

How To Replace Banglalink SIM

For SIM replacement, they have three processes. Find them below!

  • You can order the SIM online. To replace it online, to the official site of the Banglalink and find the SIM replacement option.

You will have to provide them with credentials. For example, your current number, NID number you are already registered with, and some other information.

  • You can dial and text the same things to replace the SIM as you did to learn about the 4G Sim replacement offers.

They will provide you with instructions in the reply. Note that, this process is not suitable for the lost-sim case.

  • You can go to the nearest Banglalink customer case service or at a retail shop with your NID.

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