GP SIM Package Check & Change System 2021

GP SIM Package

There are two types of SIM packages in GP. One is prepaid, and another is postpaid. If you plan to take telephone service from GP and are not sure about what option you should go for, go over the information we have provided below. We will talk about it both packages in detail so you can know which one do you need.

Prepaid SIM Packages

In the prepaid connection, they have 4 varieties of plans or packages. Let’s have a look at them in turn.


  • It’s a default setting of every prepaid SIM you buy. 
  • 24 poisha/ 10 seconds
  • 50 poisha/ SMS
  • BDT 200/- for new connection
  • 10-second pulse benefit
  • Tax for all the services in this package is the same as other packages.
  • Migration from other packages to Nishchinto-
    • Text: Type ‘N’ and send it to 24444
    • USSD: *121*1*6*2#
  • Free migration


  • 27.5 poisha/ 10 seconds for all calls excluding 
  • 1 GP-GP Super FnF 7.5 poisha/ 10 second
  • 17 GP-GP or GP-Other operator FnF 12 poisha/ 10 second
  • 12 poisha/ 10-second for GP-GP and GP-Other operator FnF numbers
  • 50 poisha/ SMS
  • 10-second pulse
  • Migrate to other packages by dialing *121*1*6#
  • Free migration


  • 28 poisha/10 second
  • 3 FnF to any local operator
  • 12 poisha per 10-second for all the FnF number
  • 50 poisha/ SMS
  • 10-second pulse
  • Migration process
    • Text: For Nishchinto write ‘N’, ‘B’ for Bondhu, and ‘D’ for djuice. Choose any of the package and send it to 24444
    • Call- 24444
    • USSD- *111*44#
  • Free migration


  • 25 poisha/ 10 second
  • 50 poisha/ SMS
  • 10-second pulse benefit
  • 3 GP-GP FnF: 7.5 poisha/ second
  • 10 GP-GP or GP-Other: 12 poisha/ 10-second
  • Migration from Smile package to djuice is not available
  • Migration from Bondhu and Nishchinto is possible and free
  • Folllow the instruction given under Smile package to migration to other packages or to djuice.
  • New djuice connection BDT 200/-

Postpaid SIM Packages

There aren’t any pre-planned postpaid packages from GP.

  • Utilize MyPlan option and develop your package.
  • You can join in MyPlan 2 ways: Do it from MyGp app, or visit the nearest customer care.
  • You can change any prepaid connection to postpaid without changing the number.
  • For foreigner: Visit nearby GP customer care center with NID, or photocopy of NID, and passport.

Eligibility And Condition For Migration For Pre-paid to Post-paid

  • A prepaid connection has to be used at least for 3 months
  • Non-STAR users should have at least 400 TK in their account. It will act as security deposit.
  • For STAR users 400 TK is the default credit limit.
  • There are two MyPlan default monthly bundles- 288 and 266 TK. You have to choose either of those.

Check own Package

To check out your current package of GP, go to the message option and Write ‘P’ then send it to 24444. You will get the reply message soon.

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