GP Special Call Rate Offer 2021

GP Special Call Rate Offer

Grameenphone is always fulfilling its public demand. The operators bring many easily affordable offers. A special offer is one kind of that offer is appropriate for any class of people. We are helping to understand Gp special call rate offer in detail. For this reason, following this article is beneficial for you.

GP 209 taka Recharge 

Many times we have enough amount in our hands. But we can’t understand where we spend our money or can’t hold money for many days. We can recharge such a significant amount of 209 taka and get 1 paisa per second call rate. The special offer’s validity time is 60 days.

GP 109 taka Recharge 

Nowadays, we are busy with many works. On the other hand, mobile balance is also necessary for daily life to keep in touch with others. Sometimes we can’t remember to recharge. So, you can relax in 30 days and enjoy 1 paisa per second when you recharge 79 taka.

GP 79 taka Recharge 

If you don’t like to recharge every day, you will like this offer. The operator gives you 1 paisa per second by recharging 79 taka and offers a validity is 10 days.

GP 49 taka Recharge 

For enjoying this offer, Recharge 49 taka to give you 1 paisa per second for talking with the local number and finish the request in 7 days.

GP 39 taka Recharge 

If you do not know any special offers, then it will suffer you because your call rate becomes very high per minute. For coming out of the situation, you can do recharge 39 taka and this offer which validity is 5 days. Taking with any operators is available for 1paisa second.

GP 29 taka Recharge 

Recharge 29 taka and talk 1 paisa per second for any local number. When 3 days complete your offer, your offer’s validity is finished. 

GP 21 taka Recharge 

You can get remarkable offers the lowest rate with recharging 21 taka. That principal amount is cutting 1 paisa per second for any local operator and valid in 2 days. 

GP 48 taka Recharge 

When any Gp user recharges 48 taka only, they can talk to any local operator at 48 paisa per minute and get 8 MMS. You can enjoy this offer for 48 hours with a 10-second pulse.

Terms and Conditions 

  • The exact amount is necessary to recharge for enjoying this offer.
  • When you recharge for getting this special offer, you can see that amount is adding to your main account.
  • Only prepaid customers can enjoy 48 paisa per minute offers.
  • Prepaid and postpaid both the customer get others special offer.
  • You can’t apply these special offers on many things such as buy minutes, bonus minutes, bonus amount, and emergency balance. 
  • To use buy minutes, bonus minutes, bonus amount, and emergency balance at first. After finishing those, then your special call rate will work.
  • Check the details of your offers to dial *121*1*2#
  • The offer is not suitable for Skitto SIM users.
  • You can enjoy this offer for a limited time.
  • The charge (10%SD+15%VAT+1% surcharge) is included. 

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