Nagad Offer 2021 (Lakhpoti, Refer New Account & More)

Nagad Offer

Nagad is a very popular financial company that provides mobile banking services. They offer constant and interesting offers to their users. In this article you will find detailed information about Nagad Offer 2021. All the information has been collected from the official sources. So there is no possibility of getting any wrong information.

This article is very important and useful for you if you are a Nagad user. So finish carefully and enjoy the interesting offers.

All Robi-Airtel subscribers, Welcome to Nagad

Robi and Airtel have offers to welcome users. If you are a Robi or Airtel user, you can easily open an account by dialing *167# USSD code or using the Nagad app.

After opening an account, you will be able to participate in various offers with an instant bonus of Tk 25. There are also Lakhpoti offer for you. To enjoy these offers, you must register for a Nagad account. Below are the regular offers available all users.

Nagad Lakhpoti Offer

In order to enjoy the Nagad Lakhpoti offer, they need to cash in cash in any amount opening an account and then comment on their official Facebook page. Go to this link to comment on the page.

Here you have to answer in detail about which things of Nagad you like the most and why. You must use #নগদেআসলেইলাখপতি hashtags in your comments. Next they will verify your comment and from there the millionaire will be selected.

Get 10% Cashback on Internet Payment by ‘Nagad’

Nagad users can enjoy cashback up to a maximum of 10% by making internet payments. This process can be done using dial code or using app. In this case you have to complete the payment correctly to the merchant number. Then you will receive cashback within the next working day of completion.

In case of USD code dial, by selecting option number 4 and making internet payment to merchant number, you can be included in the cashback offer.

Be a Lakhpoti by add money

Currently you can transfer money from any bank account to Nagad account without any charge. If your amount of money is between 500 to 30 thousand then you can enjoy this offer of Lakhpoti by Add Money. For this you need to complete the process on their official Facebook page.

Enjoy 30% discount on ‘Nagad’ payment at Pathao

Pathao is a very popular ride sharing company with branches in Bangladesh. You can get up to 30 percent discount if you want to go somewhere with Pathao. For this you have to pay through Nagad. Ride happily and enjoy 30% discount by paying with Nagad acicount.

Nagad New Account Registration Bonus

Nagad is ready to welcome its new customer. If you want to get nagad account, they have an offer for you. After verifying, you will get 25 TK bonus. All you have to set the pin number and cash in any amount.

Customers can do self registration using official Application. Go to the Play Store and install Nagad Application right now. You will be satisfied by the exciting offers.

This is all about Nagad Offer 2021 and it’s process. Hopefully now you can enjoy yourself with the best offer. If you are facing any problem or have a question, don’t miss to share with us.

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