Nexus Pay Offer 2021: Digital Banking Application

Nexus Pay Offer

Hello, to our readers & viewers! Well, we all of the Bangladeshis now know about the renowned banking system NEXUS PAY from DBBL (Dutch Bangla Bank Limited) Bangladesh. It has now become one of the most used agent banking media in the whole country.

For your information, Nexus Pay is the first card-less (money transaction) solution in Bangladesh. In this elaborated article, we’re going to know about Nexus Pay Offers.

DBBL, or Dutch Bangla Bank Limited, started in 1996 by its founder & chairman, M. Sahabuddin Ahmed. And after 14 years, DBBL got the chance to open the first cardless money transaction channel in the whole of Bangladesh. On 2010, June 03, Nexus pay was established. 

What is Nexus Pay? 

Nexus pay is the mobile app for cardless banking or an Internet payment system by DBBL. It has become a dependable banking system (online) in the whole of Bangladesh. It was established to make money transfer & receive much more comfortable for

Bangladesh’s users &, most importantly, outside Bangladesh too! DBBL isn’t providing the service only for this bank. A user of any bank account in Bangladesh can use & get access to Nexus Pay through a mobile phone & an updated security system.

Nexus Pay Offers:

The first offer I’m going to tell you is unique for a non-DBBL user.

  •  By Transferring any amount of money from a non-DBBL account card to the Loyalty Point Card, the user will get an instant 10% cashback on his/her first deposit.

Now, Listed beneath all the offers are for a Non-DBBL & a DBBL user.

  • Enjoy cashback up to 25% (starting from 5%)
  • More than 10,000 shops are connected with DBBL Nexus Pay. Over 10k shops accept the Nexus Pay method. Amazing!
  • Send & Receive money for free to any & all mobile numbers.
  • Nexus Pay combines the other World Bank cards, Including DBBL Rocket & other banks in Bangladesh.
  • Awesome Top-up, bill payment & merchant payment offers.
  • Enjoy an unlimited bonus of Tk.50 on every referral. 
  • Moreover, easy transactions or withdrawal from any bank, mini account statement (Nexus pay), Deactivation of card (DBBL)
  • Always 5% cashback on top-up or balance recharge.

So, finally, now we’ve come to an end of information about Nexus Pay offers. Thank you all.

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