Robi Goongoon Code 2021: Welcome Tune Code On/Off Process

Robi Goongoon Code

Robi is the most powerful network in Bangladesh. In addition to internet services, they also provide a variety of facilities to their users. Welcome Tune is one of its services.

Here, you will get the latest code, and procedure for activating and deactivating welcome tune in you Robi number. Find the information below.

Robi Goongoon Code

We have codes for some of the most popular songs.

  • Na Jani Kon Oporadhe- 6314406
  • Modu Hoi Hoi- 17105318 
  • Tor Premete- 6314414
  • Ta Jani Na- 6259625
  • Ghum- 6414989

Go over the methods below, and find a suitable one for you.

Robi Welcome Tune Through USSD

Go to the keypad of your phone

  • Dial *28466#
  • You can get some step-by-by direction after the dialing. Follow those steps and the song will be set. 
  • Deactivate: Dial *28466#, follow the instruction they show.

Through SMS

You will need to complete 4 straightforward steps.

  • Go to the text
  • Type ‘Reg’ and send it to 28466
  • Next, you will get a re-confirmation text.
  • You need to confirm the service. Type ‘Y’ and send it to 28466 and you desired Goongoon will be set!
  • Deactivate: Type ‘STOP’ or ‘OFF’ and send to 28466

Through IVR

  • Dial 28466. There are will be couple are steps after that, complete those.
  • At a point, you will be as to press ‘**’. You will be able to copy a particular song.
  • After that, if you listen to someone’s Goongoon, and you like it. You can copy the song by pressing STAR (*) two times.
  • Next, that song will be set as your Goongoon too!
  • Deactivate: Dial 28466, and follow the next instruction they give.

How to search any song through SMS

We know very well that you can always have favorite songs in your mind that you would like to set as Robi Goongoon. Here you go-

  • Go to the messaging option
  • Type FIND Song Name/Artist Name/Album Name
  • Next, send the information to 28466

Service charge:

If you want to know about the charge of the service, then you will have the option to continue. Here I have mention the service charges according to the validation date.

30 DaysBDT 31.34
25 DaysBDT 26.12
20 DaysBDT 20.90
15 DaysBDT 15.70
7 DaysBDT 7.31
1 DayBDT 1.4

Popular Robi GoonGoon Code:

Here are the few popular welcome tune code you can enjoy from today. You can also search the song name to find out that code. If there is any problem, you have an option to call helpline.

Song NameGoonGoon Code
Dheere Dheere5908345
Tor Premete6314414
Tui Amar mon valo5347459
Ta Jani na6259625
Modhu Hoi Hoi17105318
Na jani kon oporadhe6314406
Ure Jai5817987
Mithe Noy6233105
Bondhu Ayi Aiyo16022426

This is all about Robi welcome tune with its start and stop code. All of the data is collected from official sources. So there is nothing to wrong. Thanks for visiting our website.

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