Skitto New SIM Offer 2021

Skitto New SIM Offer

The Internet makes our life more comfortable and helps to maintain ourselves with modern life step by step. We do a lot of work which depends on the Internet. So, we try to keep an internet connection on our phone or computer regularly for being updated.

But buying the internet package is more costly and Wifi connection bill also demandable. That’s why we search for a low budget internet package. Getting this low budget service, Skitto can be your best choice which is launched by Grameenphone.

You can enjoy a cheap rate on the Internet with Skitto. Skitto SIM is also famous for its speed to quickly download and do many other works within a short time. Now, Skitto new SIM brings many low budget and exciting offers.

For acquiring knowledge about Skitto new SIM offer, the article will the right place to tell you a way to know details about that. So, we suggest that reading this article is the best option for you.

Free data offer of Skitto new SIM

  • If you buy a new Skitto SIM, you can get a 3GB data bonus by completing the registration Skitto app.  
  • Downloading the Skitto app is an important part of enjoying the data offer. 
  • When your Skitto app download is complete, you have to do a registration. 
  • After finishing your registration, set up your profile is necessary. 
  • 1GB of data will come to your phone.
  • Then another month comes, you also get 1GB data, and the last 1 GB will get in the third month.
  • Actually, Skitto new SIM sends you a total of 3GB of data in three months. 
  • 7 days is the validity time of the data bonus.

Get a Skitto new promo code offer.

  • In SKitto SIM, the Promo code gives you a way to get an extra internet offer.
  • Enjoy an extra 1 GB free data offer by using the promo code.
  • The offer validity is 30 days.

Take Skitto’s new SIM activation offer

  • For activating a new SIM, the operator give you free 100 SMS.
  • This 100 SMS  is available for any local number.
  • You have to finish the SMS within 30 days.
  • 10 taka will be loaded into your phone, and use this taka for 30 days.
  • Skip to operators can also give free data, which is 50 MB.
  • After 30 days, Free 50MB data have no validity to use.             

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