Skitto SIM Price & Online Buying System (2021 Updated)

Skitto SIM Price

Skitto SIM is perfect for a data hunter as well as another package such as minutes offer, SMS pakage, call rate, promo code, and so on at a low price.

Because of so many requests are getting with Skitto SIM, people want to buy this SIM. On the other hand, the new Skitto SIM brings so many exciting offers than the old SIM.

When you purchase a new Skitto SIM, then install the Skitto app. You can get many free offers such as 3GB data, 50 data. While wanting to buy other offers, you can check the package list which is suitable for you on the Skitto app.

If you are a lazy person, you want all things at home without the hassle and hard work. Then the article must be helpful for the online buying system and clear your confusion about the procedure.        

Follow some steps to get your Skitto SIM Online. Such as: 

  • Firstly you have to search for the Skitto official website.
  • Then you can get many steps.
  • You should fill up your first step in detail.
  • The first step is filling up your location, Select district, Select area.   
  • Filling up your first step, you need to go the second step.
  • Fill up your name, gender, occupation, which is your second step.
  • Choose your delivery location after you follow those steps.
  • Your selected delivery location must be such areas where you can easily pick your Skitto SIM. 
  • Finally, you get the details and amount of Skitto SIM.
  • When you can be sure that all of the work is done, you have to click the confirmation button.
  • After doing all these things, your procedure is completed.

Terms and condition

  • When the delivery man comes to deliver your SIM, you must need your NID and biometric.
  • It deliverers your SIM to the exact time. So, time selection is necessary when you can be available to receive the SIM.     

The price of Skitto SIM in Bangladesh

If you want to be proud to buy a Skitto SIM, you will go to the Skitto pick points. You also need to take 200 taka, which is the amount of Skitto SIM cost in Bangladesh. Besides, people can’t find a place easily where they can buy a Skitto SIM.

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