Teletalk Minute Offer Pack 2021: With Activation Code

Teletalk Minute Offer Pack

Teletalk has several packages for various users. It’s a little bit confusing before taking a new connection with which one to chose. To make the process easier I have come up with the solution. Here you will get Teletalk Minute Offer Pack for all packages.

If you really want to know about this query, please continue with us until the article is ended. You can also jump to the desired package from the table of content section.

Okay! I don’t want to waste your time. Without further ado, scroll down to get the latest minute offer & rate.

Teletalk Sagotom Minute Offer

Sagotom is SIM package of Teletalk Bangladesh. If you want to buy this type of SIM, it’s essential to know the current minute rate of this. According to the official announcement of Teletalk, the rate of Sagotom 47 Paisa/Min for all Bangladeshi operators. Pulse rate is 1 Second for this package. You can enjoy this rate 24 hour.

Teletalk Youth Minute Offer

This is another SIM package brought to you by Teletalk Bangladesh. On this SIM, you can enjoy calling 90Paisa/Min for Any Local Number; it’s a regular rate.

If you recharge Tk.29 or Tk.99, you can enjoy 65Paisa/Min for Any Local Number. To enjoy more you have to FNF the desired number. Then you will be only 45 Paisa/Min for Local number.

Teletalk Bornomala Minute Offer

Bornomala SIM is only for the students. Especially, it gives a lot of facilities for the internet users. This pack is also helpful when you want to make a conversation over phone. It charge 45 paisa per minute for BD operators. Here is the details.

  • FnF not applicable
  • 45 Paisa/min (24 Hours)
  • Pulse: 1 sec

Teletalk Projonmo Minute Offer

Projonmo is a default 3G package of Teletalk. On this package, you can enjoy 60 Paisa/minute call rate to any local number for 24 hours. Otherwise, it will charge 96Paisa/Min for the Local Number. FNF call rate for this pack is 45 Paisa/Min (Any Local Number). Here is the glance.

  • 60 Paisa/minute call rate to any local number (24 hours) on BDT 29 or 99 recharge
  • 3 FnF (Any Operator)
  • Pulse: 10 sec

Teletalk Mayer Hasi Minute Offer

Mayer Hasi SIM is only for the mother of the students of having scholarship in Primary education. On this pack, they can also enjoy low price Internet for the first three months. The regular call rate of the package is 47 Paisa/Minute and FNF call rate is 47 Paisa/Minute. Here are the more information.

  • Start Up Bonus: 60 Voice Minutes and 1 GB data free (on Tk.29 recharge). Validity: 15 Days.
  • 47 Paisa/ Minute
  • 1 Second Pulse
  • 10 FnF

Teletalk Shadheen Call Rate & Minute Offer

Shadheen is another package of Teletalk Bangladesh. Before buying this pack, you should know the details of it. On the section below you will get everything about this package. It will help you to minimise your calling experience.

  • 60 Paisa/minute call rate to any local number (24 hours) on BDT 29 or 99 recharge
  • 9 FnF (any Operator)
  • Pulse: 10 second
  • Regular Call Rate 90Paisa/Min (Any Local Number)
  • FnF Call Rate 45 Paisa/Min (Any Local Number)

Teletalk Agami Call Rate

Teletalk Agami is not available for all. Agami SIM is not for sale; It is distributed among students who get GPA Five through online name registration. There is no option to FNF with other number on this package. Others information is given below.

  • 45 Paisa/Min (24 Hours)
  • Pulse: 1 Seconds
  • SMS : 30 Paisa (any operator)

Teletalk Oporajita Call Rate

Oporajita is prepaid package from Teletalk specially for women to make the communication easier. On this pack, users can enjoy excellent call rate and FNF faculties. It also gives exciting MB offer. Here is the basic information given below.

  • 45 Paisa/Min (24 Hours)
  • Pulse: 1 Seconds
  • SMS : 30 Paisa (any operator
  • 99 FnF
  • FnF call rate: 45 Paisa/min

This is all about Teletalk Minute Offer & Pack of all packages, including Mayer Hasi, Shadheen, Oporajita, youth and more. Hopefully now you have an idea about it and can assume before calling someone how much balance will require. If there is any problem, don’t shame to share with us.

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