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Teletalk ShotoBorsho Internet Offer 2022

শতবর্ষ টেলিটক সিমের অফার

If you are a Teletalk ShotoBorsho sim operator then Teletalk ShotoBorsho sim has come up with all the great offers for you. Choose from the best Teletalk ShotoBorsho sim offers to wait for you! Mb Offer, Minute Offer, Recharge Offer, Combo Offer, New Sim Offer, Off sim offer, SMS Pack. Today we will give you the latest information about the offer.

 To add to the joy of Mujib’s centenary, Teletalk came up with the “Shotoborsho” package.image

Teletalk ShotoBorsho Sim Offer 2022

Here I will share with you all the Teletalk ShotoBorsho sim Offer thoroughly. Maybe you are here to get all the information about the offers. So let’s get started now.

Rate Particulars Usage
47paisa/min Voice Call (any local number) 24 Hours
1 Second Pulse 24 Hours
25 Paisa SMS (any local number) 24 Hours
15KB / 1paisa Pay-per-use 24 Hours

Package details:

To get the SIM for free, the customer has to recharge 100 taka. This 100 taka recharge (one-time recharge) includes:

1st Month:

  • 100 taka basic balance
  • 33.33 Minutes
  • 33 SMS
  • 5.94 GB Internet Pack
  • The offer is valid for 30 days

2nd Month:

  • 33.33 Minutes
  • 33 SMS
  • 5.94 GB Internet Pack
  • The offer is valid for 30 days

3rd Month:

  • 33.33 Minutes
  • 33 SMS
  • 5.94 GB Internet Pack
  • The offer is valid for 30 daysimage

Special internet offer

  • 2 GB internet only 18 taka (all charges included); valid 15 days.
  • Recharge 18 Taka to get the offer.
  • The special internet offer can be availed once every 15 days, a maximum of twice a month.

Other Information:

  • The free offer is available only once after SIM activation, valid for 30 days from the day of recharge.
  • Free minutes and SMS can be used on any local operator.
  • Recharged 100 taka will be added to the customer’s original balance.
  • Pay-per-use maximum 5 taka per day.
  • To migrate to the ShotoBorsho package, type ‘S100’ from your Teletalk connection and send it to 888. (Charges apply)
  • A special call rate and special internet offer are applicable for all prepaid packages of ShotoBorsho and Teletalk.image

I hope that you have already understood and cleared your concept about the Teletalk ShotoBorsho internet offer. Read the table more and more, and collect the offers that you want. If you have any questions about this offer, leave a comment below.
Thanks a lot for visiting our website. Enjoy the offer!

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