Top 10 Alia Madrasa In Bangladesh 2021

We know that Bangladesh is an Islamic country and Alia Madrasa is an Islamic institution. Not only Alia madrasa we can also learn Islamic chapter from Qawmi Madrasa also. But, Alia Madrasa is better beacouse you can learn English and Math also in there.

In Bangladesh there are lot of Madrasa available. All of those are good, among of those some are best. On this article I’m going to describe with you top 10 Alia Madrasa in Bangladesh.

If you are a student of Government Madrasa or other Islamic institution. And, looking for best Alia Madrasa list in Bangladesh. Then you are so lucky beacouse you have came to the exact place.

On this article I will cover everything that you want to know about it. I was also a student of Alia Madrasa although now I’m studying on public university. Before writing, I have done very well research about this topic. So you can take it as a proper guideline without any hesitation.

Darunnazat Siddikia Kamil Mdarasah

Darunnazat Siddikia Kamil Madrasah is the ranked number one Alia Madrasa in Bangladesh. It was established on first January 1990. Every year this institution achieve good result in our country.

Not only result it’s always try to spend their time according to Islamic shariah. If you are looking for best Alia Madrasa in dhaka. It will be a batter one. Pass rate of this Madrasa is 90%+ every year.

Tamirul Millat Kamil Madrasha

Tamirul Millat Kamil Madrasha is the 2nd popular Alia Madrasa in Bangladesh. It was founded on 01 Jan 1997 located in Dhaka at Gazipur.

Quality of education on this institution is very high. If you see the public result of Tamirul Millat every year. You will be surprised. And why not, if the pass rate is more than ninety nine percent.

Jhalakati N S Kamil Madrasa

Jhalakati N S Kamil Madrasa is well known Alia Madrasa in Bangladesh. Considering the quality of education, the madrassa is ranked at number three. It is located in Sree nagar jhalakati sadar. And established in 01 Jan 1956.

It is one of the oldest educational institutions in Bangladesh. The institution has been performing very well every year, passing rate of this Madrasa is 98% in last year.

Jamea Quasemia Kamil Madrasah

Jamea Quasemia is the number four ranked Alia Madrasa in Bangladesh. It was established on 01 July 1976. It is situated in Puran Para Narsingdi Sadar. The institute has 3 group of education.

And, quality of education is very significant in our country. If you are looking for a better Alia Madrasa on this location, you can choice it without any hesitation. Passing rate of this Madrasa is also more than 99%.

Dhap-satgara Baitul Mukerram Kamil Madrasha

Dhap-satgara Baitul Mukerram Madrasha is the number five ranked Islamic institute of Bangladesh. It was established on 01 Jan 1982 and located at khalipara rangpur sadar.

The EIIN Number of this institute is 127450. It has many experienced teacher and always try to give their best level to students.

Sarsina Darus Sunnat Alia Madrasha

Sarsina Alia Madrasa is also another Islamic educational institution in Bangladesh. It is located at Hogladangi Nesarabad Pirojpur. It was established in 01 Jan, 2019. It teaches high quality education to students. The teacher and students of Sarsina Madrasa always try to keep themselves into Quran and Sunnah.

If you go there, you will see dress of all students is according to Sunnah. Shirt and pants is not allowed, every student should keep beard. Public result is also remarkable, pass rate is this institute is 99 out of 100.

Tanjimul Ummah Cadet Madrasha

Tanjimul Ummah is not an old institute like other but it has gained weight very quickly. It is not easy to go ahead any new institute but it has made it possible. It was established on 01 Jan 1999. It is located at Uttara Dhaka. The communication system of this is very easy for teacher, students as well as guardian.

From start journey it was secondary institute after a long year in 2019 it starts alim and they are successful on this plan. For the first time, they were able to take 99 percent of the results in the Alim examination 2019.

Pabna Islamia Alim Madrasha

Pabna is the well known place in Bangladesh. Pabna Islamic Alim Madrasa is the number one Islamic institute on this area. It was established on 10 Jun 1993 and located in jahanabad Pabna Sadar.

Life style of student of Pabna Alim Madrasa is very friendly. In public examination every year they performing very well. Last year their pass rate was 100 parcent.

Jamea Ahmadia Sunnia Mohila Madrasha

This institute is only for girls, I mean it’s like girls school. Jamea ahmadia was established on 01 Jun 1996 and it’s located in Panchlaish Chittagong. The pass rate of this institute is 100% can you believe it!

Believe it or not, that’s right.

All teachers of this Madrasa are very expert on particular subject. If you are a female and looking for a best Madrasa in Chittagong. You should choice it without thinking.

Khulna Alia Kamil Madrasah

Khulna Kamil Madrasah is the very popular institute for Islamic studies. This is great opportunity for the people of Khulna district. It was established on 02 April 1952 and it’s located in Khulna Sadar.

The pass rate of this Madrasa is also 100%. It has many experienced teacher who always trying to improve quality of education. That’s why they get result 99% plus every year.

The institute number of this Madrasa is 104703. From 2010 in the exam of jdc and dakhil no student has failed in any subject. They always try to keep result 100%. Hopefully it will be going to the way of progress.


This was the full article about best Alia Madrasa in Bangladesh. Hopefully you have enjoyed this and it’s helpful for you. We collected all data from recent result and review. We always try to collect update information and share on this website. So keep reading our blog.

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