Top 10 Richest District In Bangladesh 2021

In today’s post we will know about the ten richest districts of Bangladesh. The ten richest districts are ahead of all other districts of Bangladesh. As Bangladesh progresses gradually, districts in Bangladesh are also progressing slowly. It should be said that if the district of Bangladesh goes ahead, then Bangladesh will go ahead. So let’s talk to you about the 10 richest districts in Bangladesh.

10 Richest District In Bangladesh

01. Dhaka district

Dhaka district is one of the richest districts of Bangladesh. Dhaka District is an administrative area of ​​Dhaka Division in the middle of Bangladesh. Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, is located in this district. This district is the only source of income for the general population of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

There is no such facility in Bangladesh that the facilities are not available in Dhaka district. People from different parts of Bangladesh come to work in this Dhaka district. Dhaka district equipped with modern touches. Dhaka district has surpassed all the districts of Bangladesh from the economic point of view.

There are very few poor people in this district. Most people in Dhaka district are rich. Besides, there are many more modern architecture in Dhaka district such as Jatiya Sangsad Bhaban, Bangladesh Bank Bhavan, Bhasani Novotheater, Bashundhara City, Jamuna Future Park Hatirjheel.

02. Noakhali district

Noakhali district ranks number two in the richest district of Bangladesh. Noakhali district is a district in southeast Bangladesh. Which is located in the Chittagong Division. Noakhali district was established in 1921. The former name of Noakhali district was Halua. Named as Noakhali District in 1968.

Noakhali district is an economically strong district. Noakhali district plays a vital role in advancing Bangladesh. The economy of Noakhali district is largely agriculture dependent. About 40% of the regional GDP comes from the agricultural sector. About 80% of the people of Noakhali district are engaged in agricultural pursuits.

Agriculture is mainly involved in the cultivation and harvesting of fish. Originally, people from Noakhali travel to different places in the country and abroad for work. Many people from this district are working in various countries of the world including the Middle East, Europe. It can also be said that Noakhali district occupies one of the top remittance districts of Bangladesh.

One of the attractions of Noakhali district is the Meghna River, known as one of the largest rivers in Bangladesh, which is located in Noakhali district. The communication system in Noakhali district is very good.

There is a highway directly from Dhaka and another from Chittagong to Noakhali. Which makes communication very easy. There are also many sights places in Noakhali district. If you are a traveler, you can travel to Noakhali. Of course you will feel good.

03. Sylhet district

Sylhet district ranks number three among the richest districts of Bangladesh. Sylhet district is a northeastern administrative area of ​​Bangladesh. It is a district comprising Sylhet Division. Sylhet district is an ancient town located northeast of Bangladesh.

The district has a lot of fascinating places and natural resources, The district has a lot of forest, minerals and natural resources. In all respects this district is called one of the attractive districts of Bangladesh and the second London in the world.

Most people of Sylhet live in different parts of the world. Every month, they send huge amounts of foreign currency and are advancing the economy of the country. Sylhet district is naturally beautiful as well as the people of Sylhet district are very friendly. If you ever want to travel to Sylhet you can see how beautiful Sylhet district is!

All the natural scenery will surely captivate your mind. Every day many people from different parts of the country come to travel to Sylhet district. So beautiful Sylhet district and full of natural resources, which is called as the spiritual district of Bangladesh.

04. Chittagong district

Chittagong district is ranked number four in Bangladesh from an economic point of view. Chittagong District is an administrative area of ​​Chittagong Division located in the southeast of Bangladesh. Due to the deforestation of the mountain sea valley, there is no other geographical view like Chittagong.

Economically, Chittagong district is so far ahead that no other district of Bangladesh has advanced so far. Due to this, Chittagong is called the commercial capital of Bangladesh. About 75% of Bangladesh’s export work is done through Chittagong Port Road. Chittagong district’s role in revenue is immense.

Sixty percent of the country’s revenue comes from Chittagong district. Chittagong EPZ, built on the 453 acres of land in Holi Chittagong. in 1983 as the first commercial export processing area of ​​Bangladesh. It is located 3 km from the sea port and one kilometer away from Shah Amanat International Airport.

Currently it is known as Chittagong Industrial Park. Chittagong seaport is the only seaport in the world. Chittagong district is ahead of the natural and economical way. If you have free time, you can enjoy the beauty of Chittagong District with a tour.

05. Comilla district

Comilla district is ranked number five among the richest districts of Bangladesh. Comilla district is an administrative area of ​​Chittagong Division, located in the southeast of Bangladesh.

The economic development of Comilla district is through agriculture. They are working hard day by day to continue the development process through agricultural work.

About 11 percent of the people in Comilla district are involved in business there is with two industrial towns in the district. Also, the natural scenery of Comilla district is very beautiful.

06. Habiganj district

Habiganj district is ranked 6th among the richest districts of Bangladesh. Habiganj district is a part of Sylhet division located in northeast of Bangladesh. In 1984 it was converted into Habiganj district.

Earlier it was included in Sylhet district. Habiganj district is one of the most economically advanced districts in Bangladesh. There are many sights to visit in Habiganj district, if you are a traveler you must visit.

Also, the conduct of the people of that district is very commendable. Baniachang, the largest village in Bangladesh, is included in Habiganj district.

07. Manikganj district

Manikganj district is the number seven in the richest district of Bangladesh. Manikganj district is an administrative area of ​​Dhaka Division in the middle of Bangladesh.

This district is progressively ahead of other districts in Bangladesh. The natural beauty of this district is very fascinating. There are many sights to visit in this district.

Aricha Ghat is one of the most visited places on this district. Prior to the Jamuna Bridge, vehicles were crossing through this ferry.

08. Gazipur district

Gazipur district is ranked 8th among the richest districts of Bangladesh. Gazipur district is a part of Dhaka Division in the middle of Bangladesh. Gazipur district is ahead in the tradition of history.

There are many educational institutions in this district that is why the district is ahead in education section as well. There are many industrial factories in this district, which is pushing Bangladesh’s economy forward.

Gazipur district has all kinds of facilities which make it easy for people to travel and interact with each other. There are many industrial factories in this district. This district contributes Bangladesh economically.

09. Narayanganj district

According to the current data, Narayanganj district ranks at number nine among the richest districts in Bangladesh. Narayanganj district is one of the oldest areas of Bangladesh which is located in Dhaka.

This district is famous for golden fiber jute. We know that jute is the main product of Bangladesh for export and most of the jute is produced in Narayanganj district. So deafeningly it can be said that Narayanganj district is looking forward to exporting products from other districts.

This district is situated on the banks of the river Sitalakshya. There are many famous big garments in Narayanganj. Which is pushing Bangladesh’s garment industry forward. The communication system of this district is improved; communication can be easily accessed from the capital Dhaka.

10. Khulna district

Khulna district is ranked 10th among the richest districts of Bangladesh. Khulna district is an administrative area in the southwest of Bangladesh. Khulna district is moving towards improvement day by day one day it will occupy the above place.

Khulna district is very ahead in terms of sports competition. There are many historical places in Khulna district, if you travel you can enjoy all the scenery.


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