Walton Offer 2021 (Limited Offer For all Products)

Walton Offer

Walton is a popular electronics company which has been supplying electronics products to the people of Bangladesh for a long time. If you are a regular customer of Walton then you must know about Walton Offer 2021. Because Walton tries to satisfy their customers with new offers. In this article I will try to discuss Walton’s offer in detail.

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Walton Online Payment Offer

Customers will get excellent discounts by paying for Walton products online. Walton currently offers customers up to 10 percent discount on online payments for each of their products. So if you want to buy a product then I will recommend to pay online. It is very easy for you to complete the payment using mobile banking or banking services.

This offer will continue until further notice.  It can be enjoyed as many times as you like till the end of the offer. So don’t delay, visit Walton’s official website now and order their products online.

Walton installment offer for students

Although Walton gives the facility of purchasing goods in installments for everyone, it has to pay additional interest fee. But if you are a student then you can take Walton products in installments without any extra fee. For this you have to make a down payment of 25 to 30 percent of the total price of the product and pay the rest in installments within twelve months.

12 month installment facility is available for students only. Ordinary people without students have to pay 35 percent down payment and pay the installment within six months if they want to take the product in installments. At the same time they have to pay additional interest fee.

Students will need their birth registration card and certificate from the head of the institution to take Walton products in installments. Accompanied by two guarantors and a photocopy of their ID card must be present at Walton’s showroom.

Walton Eid Discount Offer

Walton is giving up to 30 percent discount on the occasion of Eid, the biggest event in the country. If you are planning to buy any Walton product then you can enjoy all the great offers this Eid. You can also enjoy the offers in installments which have to be completed in six months. Visit Walton’s Facebook page or website for details. You can also understand by talking to their customer care directly.

Walton Digital campaign

Walton Digital Campaign Season 7 has started. Digital campaigns mean exciting surprises for buyers. This Eid, you can buy Walton refrigerators, washing machines and microwaves to become a millionaire and a millionaire. There are guaranteed cash vouchers worth crores of TK. So follow the hygiene rules at your nearest Walton showroom.

Walton fridge/Refrigerator Discount offer

Walton Real Tempered Glass Door Freezer made with the latest technology is strong and durable. It has properly covered and will withstand a great deal of adverse conditions. If you take some precautions and rules while using the refrigerator, it will go smoothly year after year. There is no fear of scratches and rust. So visit Walton Real Tempered Glass Door Freezer of international standard, attractive design and affordable price at any Walton brand shop near you. Visit their official website to see different models of Walton fridge.

Walton AC offer

Walton has many products, of which AC is one of the most essential products. If you get bored in the heat, Walton’s AC can bring very good results to get rid of it. If you have any such plan, you must contact Walton’s room as they have given all the great offers to the customers. If you want, you can take Walton ACs in installments as well. They always try to give you the best product in your price.

Walton TV Offer

Walton has come up with a TV offer for their customers. If you want, you can buy a new TV from Walton outlet or showroom and enjoy the great offer. Customers will also be able to enjoy the exchange offer. In this case you have the opportunity to exchange TV of any brand. Contact your nearest Walton showroom today to enjoy the exchange offer.

Walton Laptop Exchange Offer

Walton laptop exchange offer has started across the country. Under this offer, you can exchange your old mobile or stationary laptop or desktop from the nearest Walton Plaza or dealer point and get your favorite brand new Walton laptop / desktop at an attractive discount. The Laptop Exchange Offer also has 3 months cash installment facility at 0% interest. The exchange offer will continue until further notice.


This was the detailed information about Walton Offer 2021. We hope you have benefited from the information provided by us. If you want to know more about Walton’s offer, please comment below. I am ready to help you. If you find this article useful, please share it with your friends.


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